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Helena Vissing, MS., Psy.D.

Helena Vissing, MS., Psy.D.


Helena Vissing, M.S., Psy.D. is a Registered Psychological Assistant and Clinical Associate at Triune Therapy Group. She holds a Master of Science in psychology and a Psy.D. in Applied Clinical Psychology.

Helena specializes in Maternal Mental Health and reproductive psychology. She trained at New Moms Connect at Jewish Family Service, where she discovered her passion for working with new mothers and parents, both individually and in groups. Her dissertation project was a qualitative study of the transition to motherhood with special focus on how a woman’s relationship to her own mother is triggered by becoming a mother.

Besides from her work at Triune Therapy Group, Helena is Adjunct Faculty at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she teaches courses in Play Therapy, Sandplay, and Clinical Supervision and Consultation. She is also active in the non-profit organization Maternal Mental Health NOW, where she is faculty on the Training Committee and member of the Research Committee. Helena has presented and published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on the psychological changes of motherhood. She is a board member-at-large for the Section III for Women and Gender Issues of the Division 39, and a Division 39 Graduate Student Scholarship recipient (2014-2015).

In her clinical work, Helena is particularly passionate about helping mothers process and heal through body image issues related to the journey to motherhood. She enjoys working with anyone experiencing psychological challenges of reproduction, whether is it struggling with readiness for parenthood, infertility, pregnancy loss, any mental health issue during pregnancy and in the postpartum, premature birth and other birth trauma, adjusting to parenthood, or reactions to weaning or going back to work after parental leave. Helena also has experience working with new fathers.

Helena is available for services in English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

You can read more about Helena’s publications at allthingsmaternal.blog.