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Sex Addiction: What you need to know

Special Guest(s): Dr. Rick Isenberg
Dr. Rick Isenberg
Rick Isenberg

Rick Isenberg, M.D. serves as medical director at Psychological Counseling Services (Scottsdale AZ), a premier outpatient treatment center for sexual and other process addictions, where he focuses on the mind-body connection and integrative medicine. Dr. Isenberg also is the Executive Director of the American Foundation for Addiction Research (AFAR) and is presently directing a multicenter study of the genetics and psychopathology of sexual addiction.
Dr. Isenberg is a certified sex addiction therapist and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling. Dr. Isenberg is pursuing a Master’s Degree in clinical counseling.
Dr. Isenberg is a licensed Obstetrician/Gynecologist, with subspecialty in pelvic reconstructive surgery and uro-gynecology, and a focus on menopausal issues and human sexuality. Dr. Isenberg has sixteen years of experience in clinical research with research interests including acute and chronic pain, cancer screening, incontinence and wound healing. Dr. Isenberg has served on the medical faculties of the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University.
Dr. Isenberg has authored text book chapters, original research, and review articles in the medical literature on subjects including sexual addiction, human sexuality, pain management, wound healing and complications of surgery.

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4 thoughts on “Sex Addiction: What you need to know

  1. Eric Belsterling

    Eric Belsterling

    Dr. Kate and Laura, great interview and a big congrats on your new program. Very exciting interview as I know Dr. Isenberg both professionally and personally and he an amazing M.D., clinician and human being. We met at my mod. 2 in Phoenix and much like you both, we became instant friends. So nice to know he is doing cutting edge research on such a misunderstood topic! Here is to many more wonderful episodes!

  2. James Marquez

    James Marquez

    Hello Dr. Kate and Laura, I’ve heard both shows and you’re doing a wonderful job! Can you, along with your Guest discuss actual examples with a caller/someone’s question emailed or a patients experience? Is it possible to hear peoples experiences and results? How has the glutton for (enter addiction here) managed and found control in their behavior? Congratulations and best wishes with your show!

    • Kate Balestrieri

      Kate Balestrieri

      Thank you, James. We are happy to discuss people’s emailed questions, or comments here. We’ll address your question about how someone can manage their behavior on our next episode. Thanks!

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