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Category: Eating Disorders

Poor Body Image and the Link To Eating Disorders

Woman looking at the mirror. Disordered eating and body image treatment Los Angeles, CA.

Perhaps the most prominent clinical feature associated with an eating disorder, poor body image is multidimensional. Thus, it’s not only about one’s dissatisfaction with size, shape or weight. It includes a person’s attitudes and perceptions. Providing an enlightening approach to eating disorders, Hilde Bruch’s observations note the link between body image disturbances and core features such as poor interceptive awareness and feelings of ineffectiveness. In essence, Bruch’s research laid the groundwork for treating eating disorders as serious medical conditions, not simply dieting decisions. As such, research continues to support the relationship among body image and temperamental characteristics. Though the “fear of becoming fat” is a primary component of eating disorders in Western culture, other countries do not always share this…

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