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Couples Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Married couple in trauma - infidelity.

Many partners need couples therapy. It doesn’t suggest your relationship has failed; in fact, it means quite the opposite. It signifies you aren’t willing to give up without a fight! Remember, couple's therapy has been shown to lead to significant improvements for people in all forms of a “relationship.” The fact of the matter is couple's therapy can be conducted...
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Los Angeles Area Therapy: Resilience Recovery Relationships

Your relationships are absolutely vital to your life; you cannot have a healthy life without healthy relationships. Triune Therapy Group is founded on that principle: resilience recovery relationships. Our trusted and caring team works with individuals, couples, and families who are struggling to break addictions and recover from unhealthy patterns in their lives. We specialize in key relationship areas such...
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How Family Counseling Can Help

There are many occasions in life where you simply cannot and should not go through it alone. In these instances, family counseling with a trusted CA therapist is recommended. You may be saying “No! We can get through this on our own.” This is just not true. Family therapy can help you improve troubled relationships with your romantic partner (past...
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My Friends Don’t Like My Partner — How To Handle The Issue Everyone Dreads

By Angela Melero As if navigating relationships wasn’t hard enough, try throwing in some external conflict with a third party — third party being your BFF. Indeed, there’s something incredibly unsettling about your friends not liking your partner. Unnecessary awkwardness, resentments, and divisions can occur as a result, and no one wants that. “If your friend or partner can’t be...
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How To Handle The Impact Of Sexual Trauma On Intimate Relationships?

Lauren discusses the psychological, emotional, and physical impacts of trauma and what to do if you learn that your partner was sexually abused or assaulted. Sexual trauma is an umbrella term to describe any sexual act that is imposed on another person without their consent. Shutterstock Images Denise, a thirty-year-old single female, wondered if she would ever be capable of...
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7 Embarrassing Yet Perfectly Normal Scenarios That Happen During Sex

These are common yet awkward situations that can happen to anyone while having sex. Humans reproduce sexually. We, like all other sexual creatures, are subject to instinctive sexual desire. Sex is one of our four basic primitive urges among food, shelter, and self-preservation. At its core, sex is animalistic. However, due to certain mores and rules of our culture or...
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8 Relationship Doubts You Should Never Ignore

By CARINA WOLFF   No relationship is perfect, and you aren't going to always love 100 percent of the person you're with. But some apprehensions in a relationship hold more weight than others. There are some doubts about your relationship you should never ignore, as they could indicate trouble for the future. Some conflicts can be worked out naturally over...
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10 Unexpected Ways Your Anger is Leaking Everywhere

man and woman arguing

Anger is often a misunderstood emotion. Is it healthy? Unhealthy? Are there signs and red flags before anger turns into rage? The truth is, anger is a completely normal and even a healthy human emotion – when it’s able to be expressed constructively. When a person feels anger, their body releases adrenaline, cortisol, and noradrenaline. Anger also affects a person’s...
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