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Category: Sexual Assault

Who’s to Blame?

By Kayla Tricaso
Office Manager
Triune Therapy Group

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The victim, the perpetrator, or the peanut gallery? The following is an account of several stories and experiences and does not reflect one individual’s experience. Names have been changed for anonymity. Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault/Rape “You have to stay off Facebook.” That sentence had become a daily mantra for Sarah. As much as she wanted to receive updates on which of her high school friends were getting engaged or having children, lately, stepping into Facebook, or really any social media platform, is emotionally exhausting. I’m not talking about seeing your friends and family’s posts about politics, although that’s exhausting on a different level. I’m talking about the uncomfortable, and oftentimes hurtful discourse around sexual assault. When the avalanche of stories…

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Reconnecting With The Body After Trauma

By Lauren Dummit, LMFT, CSAT,
Co-Founder & Clinical Director,
Triune Therapy Group

Reconnecting with the body after trauma. Trauma-sensitive yoga Los Angeles, CA.

It seems as if every week there are stories and headlines breaking the news of abuses of power at the hands of rich, famous, and powerful men. From R. Kelly to Bill Cosby, and more recently Harvey Weinstein, there is clearly a monumental amount of sexual predation taking place in the world. When allegations regarding this type of abuse come to light in Hollywood it’s followed by an avalanche of media coverage and public outcry as to how and why this abuse is able to happen. Although news around sexual assault in Hollywood garners more media attention, sexual assault is a violent epidemic that affects every type of women and men. Sexual assault and rape are traumatic experiences that affect…

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