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13 Stress-relief Toys That Actually Work

By PJ Feinstein Some days, life can make even the calmest person feel anxious. First, try taking a few deep breaths, then find your zen with one of these calming products. Weighted blanket via In a study exploring the therapeutic effects of weighted blankets, 63 percent of participants said they felt less anxious after using one. Like a hug...
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How to Deal With Loneliness and Feelings of Isolation

BY COLLEEN STINCHCOMBE Jan 11, 2019   Maybe you're new to a city and struggling to make friends. Or the people you love seem to be in a different phase of their lives than you. Or you've got all the friends you could possibly want, but you still don't feel connected. At one time or another, everyone has felt lonely. "It's...
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Make Valentine’s Day Hot Instead of Hallmark

Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday. For some, it’s a fun excuse to plan a date with their partner or date, while others find it corny or even dread the day designated to love. Valentine’s Day may be a time to celebrate romance, but ideally, we are making time for romance, intention and play with romantic partners and/or with...
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