Loss & New Beginnings

Loss & New Beginnings

Triune Therapy Group

Loss and new beginnings Triune Therapy Group

Remaining connected to our surroundings, and attuned to our environments can be a challenge on the best of days, but it is particularly difficult after a loss. The loss that walked into your life might be enormous and devastating, such as the grief that comes with the sudden passing of a loved one. Maybe you lost steady employment, and the experience left you unmoored and afraid. A break up left you crushed and emotionally wounded. A particular phase of your life might be coming to a close and you’re unclear about why you feel melancholic, but you do. Any number of these painful situations, along with their unique sets of obstacles, can prevent you from seeing a happy, peaceful future for yourself. While the anguish you are experiencing may seem insurmountable, know that your personal Spring exists and lives within you. Here are some tips to help you find purpose and live a new beginning after loss.

  1. Embrace Your Feelings, all of them. Allow the sorrow, the sadness, the fear, the rage to run through you, and simply experience those feelings. Allow the emotions to be. Attempting to “move on” or “put on a brave face” is not healthy, as those emotions will find their way out eventually. It is unlikely they manifest in a constructive manner.
  2. Know That Your Feelings Are Not You. When you are feeling especially sad, rather than saying,”I am so sad right now” say,”I am feeling a lot of sadness right now.” Try not to identify with the pain or sorrow or fear. Those emotions are not you, they are what you are experiencing.
  3. Look Around For Inspiration and Insight. This will take time, but know that out of tragedy, new insights and purpose will begin to shape. A life affiriming desire to live in the moment, or to express love more openly, to reconnect with certain people, to be of service, to create, will arise out of your loss because human beings are built to learn from thier experiences.
  4. Allow Yourself Time to Grow. Strive for peace Be patient with yourself. The process of healing, accepting your new reality, and growing is not a quick one. That is OK. The stages of your process, the severity of your pain, will wax and wane. Know that each passing moment is a step toward your new beginning. One day, you will wake up and feel happiness. That is the resiliency of the human spirit.