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5 Day: Healing from Codependence

5 Day: Healing from Codependence

This 5 Day Healing From Codependence Intensive for men and women is designed to help individuals identify codependent thinking, emotions, and behavior, providing an integrative approach to recovery. Each person will gain an understanding of the root causes of their codependence issues. Based on the teachings of Pia Mellody, internationally acclaimed expert author and pioneer of codependence treatment, this intensive will give each participant the tools needed to heal ongoing pain from childhood and the insidious effects on their relationships with self and others. This intensive utilizes multiple treatment modalities to establish and accelerate recovery through the delivery of approximately 40 hours of trauma-focused care. Each participant will receive:

  • A comprehensive psychological assessment (if indicated)
  • Daily psychoeducation experiential and process groups
  • Daily individual therapy sessions
  • Family of Origin and Inner Child Work
  • Feeling Reduction Work
  • Tangible tools to manage emotions and behaviors
  • Skills to enhance intimacy and healthy communication
  • Neurofeedback and EMDR (if indicated)
  • Daily attendance at local CODA or Alanon meeting
  • Partner/family involvement (when appropriate)

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