12 Week Revive & Thrive: Yoga for Survivors

12 Week Revive & Thrive: Yoga for Survivors

The 12 Week Revive & Thrive support group for women combines education, emotional support, and a uniquely gentle and sensory-focused form of Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) to recover for the symptoms of trauma. This group includes weekly discussion points, such as how trauma impacts the brain, relationships, sexuality, body image, parenting, etc., and TSY to improve sensory awareness, a positive body experience, personal boundaries, autonomy and to help one to practice exercising choice.

  • Learn about trauma and its effects on thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, behaviors and relationships
  • Opportunity to develop healthy friendships and support
  • Utilize Trauma Sensitive Yoga to improve awareness, positive body experience, boundaries, autonomy and personal choice
  • Address treatment resistant symptoms of trauma, such as physiological responses to triggers
  • Establish self-trust and self-care
  • Ideal for women in recovery from addiction or disordered eating, a history of childhood abuse or neglect, sexual trauma, or abusive or codependent relationships.

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