New Moms Support Group

New Moms Support Group

This support group will help members gain a better understanding of the various effects of motherhood. Focusing on strengths, emotional regulation skills, and connectivity, this group is a judgment-free space for mothers to explore all aspects of their journey into motherhood. The group does not teach a specific parenting technique.

  • Strengths-focused: The group will help members become aware of their strengths and how to cultivate them in daily life
  • Regulation: Members will learn ways to more effectively recognize and regulate their feelings to reduce the feeling of overwhelm
  • Non-judgmental Atmosphere: This group does not teach a specific parenting technique and is completely judgment-free. The focus will be on each individual’s personal journey of becoming a mother, addressing the challenges they face
  • Deeper Understanding of Mind and Body: Becoming a mother is a major transition that not only affects one’s body but also one’s mind, emotional state, identity, and sexuality that influences all aspects of a woman’s life.

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