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5 Day Betrayed Partners' Intensive

5 Day Betrayed Partners' Intensive

The 5-Day Partners’ Intensive is designed to help partners understand the symptoms of PTSD and the effects of betrayal trauma, create and maintain healthy boundaries and empowered choices, develop coping skills to manage triggers and emotional overload, and reduce feelings of shame and alienation. It is appropriate for partners across various stages of healing, whether immediately following the discovery of a partner’s infidelity or sexually addictive behaviors, or later in the recovery process. Each participant will receive a customized treatment plan, and approximately 35 hours of synthesized trauma and recovery focused care.

  • A comprehensive psychological assessment (if indicated)
  • Daily psychoeducation and process groups
  • Daily individual therapy sessions
  • Tangible tools to manage reactions and emotions
  • Skills to enhance intimacy and communication
  • Neurofeedback (if indicated)
  • EMDR (if indicated)
  • Experiential groups
  • Attendance at a local COSA meeting
  • Spouse/Partner involvement (when appropriate)

Participants will stay at designated housing as a group, to develop a sense community and maintain a high level of care, and to limit the distractions of daily life.

Space is limited to 4 participants to maximize personal attention. Contact Triune Therapy Group online or call at (310) 933-4088 or email for additional information or to register today!