Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning

Cognitive assessments can identify strengths or deficits related to intellectual ability and achievement, and serve as a foundation for treatment planning where giftedness or impairments intersect with daily living or therapeutic progress.

Personality Functioning

Evaluations designed to assess personality identify the presence and severity of psychological, behavioral, and interpersonal symptoms related to disorders of mood, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, impulse control, and personality disorders. These assessments also clarify co-occurring or differential diagnoses, and assist in appropriate treatment planning.

Substance Abuse and Compulsive Behavior Assessments

Addiction screening tools can offer clarification on the presence and severity of substance abuse disorders as well as compulsive behavioral or impulse control disorders, such as compulsive sex, pornography, or relational behavior, gambling, shopping/spending, food, etc.). Such screenings can assist in developing an appropriate plan for treatment and recovery.

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