Group Supervision

Triune Therapy Group offers group supervision for clinicians looking for clinical support and clinical development. Clinicians have an opportunity to present challenging cases and obtain feedback from peers, as well as augment their referral network.

Quarterly CSAT SKYPE groups for CSAT candidates.

Peer Consultation

For clinicians looking to consult about a particular case or clinical area of specialty, Triune Therapy Group offers individual consultation on an as-needed basis. Areas of consultation include: conceptualization and treatment of covert and overt trauma, enmeshment, sex/love or compulsive relationship issues, recognizing offending behavior and paraphilias, treating multiple addictions, the assessment and treatment of dual diagnoses, and trauma sensitive yoga as an adjunctive therapy.

Organization Specific Presentations

For employers looking to educate clinical and non-clinical staff, Triune Therapy Group can tailor a customized presentation or training to offer support and tangible tools, in an effort to boost morale, increase productivity and improve customer service.
Frequently requested topics for office, front line, or first responders include:

  • recognizing and addressing burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue
  • work/life balance and self-care practices,
  • understanding addiction and finding confidential support,
  • healthy boundaries and effective workplace communication; and
  • improving interactions with challenging clients,
  • Sexual Harassment consulting.

Group Speaker Presentations

Associates of Triune Therapy Group are also available for guest speaker presentations and panels, for adult learning, media or special events.

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