Effective Treatment for Eating Disorders

Effective Treatment for Eating Disorders

While treatment at any stage of a disorder is important, seeking help in the beginning significantly enhances recovery. If left untreated, eating disorders could lead to life-threatening conditions. The common thought surrounding eating disorders is that the disorder focuses on eating habits. In reality, an eating disorder is about much more than food. An eating disorder is a serious health condition that affects patients both physically and emotionally. The most effective treatment has proven to be therapy. Establishing what is causing the disorder allows one to reestablish their response in a healthier way. With professional help, patients are able to discuss and develop a plan that addresses their nutritional and medical needs.

Woman with anorexia looking at the mirror.

Body Image Therapy and Counseling

In treating body image disorders, it is imperative to focus on healthy body image goals. Challenging the negative messages regarding our bodies, both internally from ourselves and externally from the media or peers, help form boundaries and expectations. Our therapists encourage patients to learn skills that empower them to stop blaming their bodies and appreciate them instead. Using individual sessions and group therapy, women and men are able to discuss the concerns surrounding their bodies for a healthier, positive self-view.

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