Counseling and Therapy for Relationship Issues

Counseling and Therapy for Relationship Issues

In relationships, people encounter many obstacles that require work to overcome. Challenges can be small or large, ranging from intimacy issues, financial concerns, to parenting conflicts and other stressors that threaten the foundation on which the relationship is built. By seeking counseling and therapy for relationship issues, both partners are making an effort to put their relationship front and center. If left untreated, the relationship could become toxic and unhealthy. Exploring issues in a neutral setting with one of our clinicians guiding the conversation helps discover where the problem is, how it developed and with customized treatment plan, how to get the relationship back on track.

Premarital Counseling & Proactive Couples Therapy

Premarital counseling, or proactive couples therapy, can be an integral step in building a strong, healthy relationship and ensuring a satisfying marriage. By investing in your marriage before it officially begins, couples can take an approach of prevention instead of intervention. During premarital counseling, our clinicians help couples understand each other better, set realistic goals for marriage and identify weaknesses that could threaten their relationship. Most importantly, taking this proactive approach in your relationship can strengthen your ability to handle conflict as well as improve your communication skills as a couple, which are vital components of a healthy marriage.

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Proactive couples therapy at Triune Therapy Group may include a discussion of expectations within the following marital topics: finances, beliefs/values, sex, desire to have children, family relationships and roles in marriage. Our clinicians are compassionate and highly skilled when it comes to helping couples proactively build their relationship before marriage. Premarital counseling also gives couples a positive viewpoint about seeking therapy in the future if help is needed.

Whether you are searching for happiness under those pesky relationship issues or you want to take a proactive approach in your relationship with premarital counseling, you can lean on the therapists at Triune Therapy Group. Relationships require work and we’re here to help.

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