Workshops are a great way for you to get additional information about a topic you may be curious about and experience a taste of what you would get in therapy, without the stigma. Connect with others who may have the same questions and curiosities you do in a judgement free and supportive environment.


When we work together, we grow together. Sign-up for any of our below workshops and come grow with us. 


I have been seeing Dr. Kate for a few years now and she has been so incredibly helpful, insightful and compassionate to me . . . Dr. Kate has an amazing ability to recognize underlying causations, gently guiding you in your therapeutic journey to discover your tendencies and then recommend treatment options . . . I attended a 5-day workshop she recommended and it was a life changing and eye opening experience. I also participated in Triune’s 12-Week Revive and Thrive: Yoga for Survivors women’s group earlier this year and it was equally rewarding. My life has greatly improved with her guidance and I highly recommend Triune Therapy Group to anyone serious about personal growth.

Kate Balestrieri & Lauren Dummit


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